A Japanese Waka series on Nature and respect
A Japanese Waka series on Nature and respect waka stories

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A waka series on nature a real challenge to write. Hope someone enjoys.

A Japanese Waka series on Nature and respect

Katauta poem

Respect of nature

Should be found naturally

seek it emphatically

Choka Poem

Nature; beautiful

We were once of one with it

Nature; perilous

Tradition dictates respect

Nature; requited

people surely should reflect

Our senses heightened

Both danger and the beauty

In mind irrefutably

Tanka Poem

Nature constitutes

delicate and so refined

Colours it colludes

The Trees as old as time

Human existence protrudes

Sedoka Poem

respect still alludes

Then natures venom ensues

Kama that has been accrued

Creatures bold and small

so, scuttle and creep they shall

They seeking retribution

Bussokusekika Poem

Then respect the land

and so the creatures, plants and;

idyllic features

there is much more to respect

also the storms and plates

Respect before it's too late

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