A Dream of no small Proportion
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A poem about a day dream. Guided meditation on a land with no proportion.
Creating an image of the day dream.

A Dream of no small Proportion

The man awoke and stands to his feet in anew place he had never seen.

He is bewildered by the beauty yet ferocity of the Jungle. The colours euphoric and the diversity of colour could not be put to shame.

The transient feel of sensation at its expression in the angle of every eye was amazing.

A sense of zen rises in the man yet on the horizon he could see fierce creatures sending roars across this strange land.

Butterfly’s the size of eagles flowers the size of houses. Petals that could decorate a thousand weddings or lovers’ beds.

Rivers the size of the Serengeti with Lilly pads that could hold a mansion. Caverns that could hold Cathedrals.

Perfume of the sweetest ocean air and the warming sun can be felt from a far because of its magnitude.

Mountains that could hold the entirety of our world.

The trees old and powerful and firm with almost sculptured natural beauty of design and energy.

Fruits that could make a thousand Pies.

Roots so firm they could hold back a tsunami, peace and safety in the loving environment.

The sun that changes colour throughout the day. A delight of dragon fly’s so large they play the finest bass with their wings; the crickets play acoustic carried on the wind.

Echoing the rustling leaves.

The petals wisps and sing chorus of love. The butterflies like fluttering ribbons cascading the sky creating a rainbow with rave lights to the wanting eye.

Brightened clouds like a million marshmallows the size of the Grand Canyon.

Rain drops drop

So gently

The butterfly’s glide through the air like mighty ducks. Castle in the sky meets the weary eye.

Castle in the eye but the land itself aspires to a higher title, the oh so more beautiful and bolder.

The mountain ahead strangely doesn’t look colder.

A temperature and climate for every moment on moving up the mountain. Like a thousand different lands cycling between cold and warm hands.

Magnanimous nourishment from the land. Blissful bellows from the buzzing birds and bees the size of butterflies. Humming welcome.

Flying fish that fly like a migrating flock of dove. One giant tree in the centre towers above. Reaching into the marshmallow clouds.

Fields of gold shimmer like oceans. Fresh fruit juices from the waterfalls upon fruit trees. Bubbling small rivers become the finest soda.

Glittering honey combs dazzle the canopy like tinsel on the Christmas tree in warming light.

Birds in the millions singing but so small and chubby.

Sheep bounding with enough wool for a thousand winters.

He wonders if the beauty is mirrored by night or if the land of disproportion will be full of fright. To know this, he must wait until the night.

Having only just awoken the wonders of the moon and the dance of the stars were yet to be seen the finest herbs and spices growing like weeds. Berries like bear claws on fountain like bushes.

Scents of many flowers elegantly mixed on every fluttering divine wind.

Every breeze enough to lift you up but never to knock you down. Every snowflake soft as feathers yet able to heal your thirst. Pollen fluttering only past your ankle.

Like a parading ribbon dance.

As it meets the flower and elegantly intertwines and rises the stem, floating on the petals until its in the flower again. In the centre of the flower the pollen like a whirlpool.

That pollen blankets this land beneath your ankle and cushions your sole.

The colours of a thousand winds. Stones all precious stones beautiful and diverse; marble and jade, rose quartz and finest amber looking as if they are hand-made.

All in varying size of normality. Even the normal stones glistened in a gentle manner upon the eye. A beer and wine made Nile.

Waterfalls so large that they could hold the wind with a force equal to it.

Just from the power of the rippling water creating zero gravity where you stand.

A loving land that would grow anything anywhere. Animals that never need hunt. Valleys that reverberate music like the finest audio of an amphitheatre.

Lakes like Colosseum the canyons so large even all the marshmallows ever eaten would not fill.

The fluttering petals carrying the acoustic and bass so incandescently to this place even across the oceans its not displaced lover a million miles can see each other’s face hear the sound of

a lover’s haste.

Sound waves bounce like glittering gold. Echoes of your favourite songs bouncing like golden rainbows.

Around the land if you touch the golden rainbow with your hand your favourite songs echo the land.

An elephant in a heard of mammoth an ox in a field of cow’s perspective is gone now.

Beauty everywhere Paradiso with appearing flutter of fire flies pass above you like a luminescent show. At twilight with the music echoing low.

And the wind holding you upright with its gentle flow.

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