Two Sides
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What would become of her?

Two Sides

Freedom seems so close, yet it slips right through my fingers. I try to dig and claw my way out of the void but I keep getting dragged in.

What could I do? The warning signs were overshadowed by the darkness that loomed over.

Every step was on thin ice, any minute I could plunge into freezing water, never to realize, I am drowning.

The air in my lungs begins to deplete, vision going dark, losing the battle once more. I become tired, giving into my demon, getting high once more.

"Ha! I am here again! It was too easy, you're so weak. I got you hooked again but then again who wouldn't want to be? It is so much fun", it says with a smirk.

The needle injected, my mind reacting. Pain, sorrow, and loneliness replaced by happiness, joy, and warmth. I chuckle.

"You were right. Why did I fight?" a low, deep laugh follows my question.

"Aren't you disappointed that you failed? That you are hooked?" it asks. I shake my head.

"Never, I am hooked for life", I say with the biggest smile on my face.

Little did I know that it would be the last time I would feel glee.

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