How to Approach?
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jazzyjay Happy Holidays!🎄
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Part 2 to "Once in Love"

How to Approach?

Some years have passed, I see you standing there, lost in thought. Do I dare approach you? There was once love between us but that has long disappeared.

It feels like it did the first time I saw you, as I look at you now my heart skips a beat, my stomach is full of butterflies, my knees grow weak.

Those feelings I thought I lost were just buried deep. You look in my direction and there is a flicker of light, I get nervous and turn away.

I can see you walk towards me out of the corner of my eye, you stop and stand next to me without saying a word. We look at one another then turn away from each other.

You inch closer, and closer, I look up at you and see the longing in your eyes. What do I do? What could I say?

Thank you so much for reading. This is part 2 to "Once in Love". Like, comment, and add me please. Happy reading!

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