Alone Again
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jazzyjay Happy Holidays!🎄
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How can I feel such heart ache from a door opening?

Alone Again

Crouched, and hidden away. I don't want to speak to anyone.

The door knob jiggles, I look up to see the door open slowly.

A light shines through, you stand there with a smile, your arms held out towards me.

Tears stream down my face, I feel light as a feather as I run towards you.

You hold me so close to you, the warmth of your breath tickles my neck.

I hold on to you for dear life. I close my eyes and whisper, "I love you, never let go ".

You answer, "I promise, I will never let go". I feel relieved, I open my eyes once more to only realize it was all a dream, I sit up and look to the door.

The door knob is silent, my heart aches once more.

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