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jayshrees Writes for myself
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Just wrote it down.

The feeling when you have when you lost the sense of living and life looks like a burden to you. When you see others happier than you and you are directionless.


Whenever I see others,

They smile, hold hands, chatter endlessly.

They go around places, eat together, scream together for fun.

Most importantly.... They cry together.

I can't relate. UNFORTUNATELY.

Is this what you call a life?

A life where you have no regrets,

where you don't stare the second and minute hand of the clock,

where you're too busy to think how you're just a peck of dust destined to die and forgotten.

Why am I not seeing the worth of life?

I feel like I am trapped in the scorching heat of endless, barren land.

I am tired and I am going crazy.

Without any guidance, the fear of unknown future looms over my mind.

It's pleasing, I admit.

Being obsessed to something to the point, you believe you achieved everything.

Please, tell me how to do it?

Please tell me how to do it? I want to feel it too...

The feeling of living.

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