True Love
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jayden_kraft Community member
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This is my first poem. It doesn't rhyme because its free verse so I guess you could also call it a short story? Call it whatever you like! Please give me feed back!

True Love

I stood there in awe. I never knew someone could light up a room like you did. New colors burst into my world. It was some much to take in. You took my heart right there and then.

My goodness you made everyone turn their heads. You laughed without a care in the world and I loved that. I thought you'd never notice me but in a few weeks time YOU asked ME out.

I was so happy and afraid all at once. I remember when we first hung out, you were nervous and so was I. However, you didn't show it.

You made sure I was comfortable and I think I fell for you that night. And now 10 months later here we are. I never thought I could fall in love or be loved.

You are literally the best thing that has ever happened to me. That is why I love you so dearly. I really believe this is true love.

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