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A poem to a friend

To a Friend

Keep your sleep and do not weep whilst having it- at least you can get some rest.

You are at your best when dressed-sometimes- and thinking about a nest of happiness.

Your readiness is cause for your constant steadiness which is priceless to many.

Any who come across you will want to get plenty of things off of their chest simply because your company and presence is like that.

Emotions deep like a vat kept inside- unlike the curiousity of a cat- all because you had slept and know how to chitchat with others without turning the conversation too emotional.

You do a professional thing as if it was a devotional thing to do everyday due to feeling like a criminal when showcasing or talking about some of what you feel.

I know you need to heal, but sometimes it is good to peel back to layer of skin and see if the seal was not covering emotions buried just underneath the thick-skinnned boy you present.

Constantly receiving judgement as if it was the only instrument needed to make you whom you are- you also take in the excellent resentment of others and help them through things.

Your phone rings of many things- one of them the reasons for a lack of sleep- like the strings that it can tie you to,

endings and beginnings and new teachings about things meant to help or destroy.

Joy it can bring causing a sleep where dreams are filled of coy dreams where the phrase "land ahoy!" means "look! I dropped my pen."

Then you will awake after a nightmare wishing to be zen rather than like that time when you were scared

And wish that someone was there who cared about you rather than glared at you.

Look at the view around you- cue the nightmare out of your mind and see the hope you have.

You have people a call or text away willing to stay up late on your behalf, willing to listen to you talk about choreograph-y and other things while sleep evades years on end.

So, keep your sleep and do not weep- at least you can get some rest

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