The Perfect Life
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Simple tale of a guy(or girl, you can choose) helping a slightly younger girl(or guy, you choose as well) with their life, not realising that their life is also in need of help. A few things happen, and the couple grow.
Hopefully this makes sense and it helps us all realise we need help. Yesterdays prompt has passed, but the prompt was good enough to still write about even after the time to put a piece of writing in for it had expired.

The Perfect Life

I laugh as she tries to assemble Life.

Anger goes here, Love goes there, Irritation goes near them, Jubilance goes near her, Hatred goes to him, you get the picture.

They do not realise that she is trying to get her life together after trying to gain worth from old men.

They, as in her family, offer to help her and give her needless advice as she tries over and over to build what she wants.

Eventually, I leave my safe and comfortable Life to help her.

This involved her getting to know my teepee better than I wanted, but it was as I needed.

She fully assembled Life and Death, allowing them to mingle and used them when needed.

But that was fifteen years ago, now.

Looking at her laying across from me in the teepee, I wonder why she needed someone to make her Life, her teepee, her emotions, balanced.

Was it her family's kind gifts of Underestimation that caused her to feel the need for me?

Was it her lack of Self Esteem making sleep difficult?

Our lives were in order five years ago.

True, I nearly died because she stabbed me with her hurt angry stake, which hurt more than my dad's switch.

But we both learned five things that day: Our Lives need others and the perfect teepee is not existent. We Love one another and sleeping in our teeepee gave dreams. Getting stabbed is Painful.

So, this goes to show that Life was not meant to be arranged alone and that teepees may look perfect, like ours, but they are never near perfect.

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