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Hey! The background(most of them) is a fox colouring page that was printed and coloured.. hope you like it...
Anyways, what do you think was contained in the gift?
How can this relate to you?
How can I improve the writing?

Slowly Fast

Everything seems to go so slowly.

I try to recall things that happened; it comes in a blur.

Is this what life is like?

Is life seemingly fast when in reality it is slow?

I watch the sun rise and fall, I see the cars driving by, I feel the wind biting my skin during the day.

Why, when I try to recall the car that drove past, I recall all similar vehicles to it seen previously?

The thoughts flash by quickly, leaving me no time to breathe slowly.

When I breathe fast, everything is calm.

Everything is slow.

I feel as though I can finally begin to understand others' realities, and my own thoughts.

Then I catch my breath.

I am no longer running through my mind.

It is now life rushing past.

It calls over its' shoulder, "Take your problems. No one else would want to bear them with you."

I gasp, in shock, at life's words.

It throws a cheeky grin over its' other shoulder, acting as if the words i alone heard were a joke.

Life ran back to me, and held my Christmas gift in its' hands.

Life knelt down in front of me and said not to open it until I felt like Life was good.

I did not listen and now my life was sooo wonderful.

I did not listen and now my life was sooo wonderful.

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