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jaxjax This is u53rn4m3
Autoplay OFF   •   a year ago
Highly recommended song at the end...
Trying to get back into the deep thoughts again...
Feedback, please..
Hope this helps your perspective on how you are living your life!

Others' Thoughts

Found little motivation so far.

Fighting for my family, trying to grow closer, even just trying to understand them is difficult..

Breathing is even harder, because of the constant stress, which will only increase until i die...

People make death out to either be amazing or dreadful..

Really, it is neither

It rids you of this world, the things you do and do not want.

But, the world also is rid of you...

Let that keep sinking in.


Everyone. Is.

Everyone. Is. Rid.

Everyone. Is. Rid. Of.

Everyone. Is. Rid. Of. You.

In your dying moments, will your family fight for you?

Will you feel motivated to say 'I love and forgive you' to those you love?

What do you want others to think of when they think of you?

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