More to Romeo and Juliet than Meets thee Eye??
More to Romeo and Juliet than Meets thee Eye??  words stories

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More to Romeo and Juliet than Meets thee Eye??

Romeo’s eyes are a deliciously coloured bloodred.

Juliet’s eyes are violet.

Opposites attract.

Hence why seeing bloodred eyes to bloodred, violet to violet,

Is strange even to those that are red to red or violet to violet.

It is more common to see bloodred on violet, or violet on bloodred, in many places...

Seeing a grown man with another grown man is like seeing bloodred painted over bloodred to get a red-violet.

Just does not happen.... so we thought... now it does...

People see one color painted over another color of likeness to make another color and do not accept it for it goes against their own morales, even if it is their child, best friend, a teacher, etc

Others see this and accept it for they are kind of like them or are just like them. They want what others have, to be of the same thing but somehow, create something new unto others eyes

But, the people who know this goes against their morales, stereotype this people of courage.

This people, this people who were who encourages diversity.

Yes, this other people encouraged diversity.

Yes, this people; bloodred on bloodred, violet on violet encouraged diversity, But in a different way in comparison to this people bloodred on violet, and the vice versa of that.

This other people will make one color look better than the other.

Example: white is better than black,

Or vice versa: black is better than white.

Issues that have been going for centuries, if not milleniums.

For those that think every person is equal,

Very hard to find and know just one person,

Let alone more than one person,

With that idea.

All colors,

All colours, All religions,

All colours, All religions, All genders,

All colours, All religions, All genders, All ethnicities,

All colours, All religions, All genders, All ethnicities, All races,

All colours, All religions, All genders, All ethnicities, All races, All people,

All equal.

There is this person with the belief in equality that stands out for their acceptance of whom others reject just from a, a look. A look of hate and not love, one of, just, wishing that someone different, will just drop dead.

Reading a book on a specific ethnicity,


Religion, Race,

Religion, Race, And more,

Might be harder for some people because because of their differences. You already have an idea of physical differences but, what about differences such as education? Where you live? If you live in a mental ward because you have had thoughts of suicide, they will stereotype you as mental,

Treat you even worse because of that, cause you to fall into a depression at this mental ward, deep enough to where you actually kill yourself.

There are people that could slip into a depression, and might commit suicide due to the thoughts they are having. Your words are what could lead them off of the brink of depression, or shove them off.

You see, everything affects and effects someone. Knowing we are all different, at the end of the day, think of two conver- sations you had with someone all the good and bad things

You will realise how you treated someone based on differences and how to try to change that.

Or easier…

Just keep doing what you have been doing.

Either in secret or out in the open.

But, to keep diversity,


Even if death is the result, you can change people's perspectives and ultimately, their lives.

.. just like, Romeo and Juliet

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