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None of the pictures are my own, few are Commaful's. Just a piece about what memories, can be, or will be.
If you struggle with bad memories, or having too many good one's, and how they make you feel down, i apologise! If you need help with them, wanting to feel the opposite of your definition of bad, talk with someone, via Internet, words that are heard, anyway, please do!


"I am the opposite of amneisa."

I am what keeps you up at night.

I am what holds you in the past as the world moves forward.

I am what causes your world to slow down for mere extended seconds while everything else moves at normal or faster paced seconds.

I am what stays when everything else forsakes you.

I am what shapes your dreams.

I am what makes you smile through tears and sorrow.

I am what causes you to move forward and lead a decent life.

I am everchanging due to your everchanging perspective. I am everything that affects and effects how you will view and react to future, maybe even things now.

I am loved.

I am wanted.

I am hated.

I am given away.

I am taken.

My creation can be forced or of will; depends on you. Accept me or reject me, I am forever here.

Even if lost by amnesia, I will haunt you, for everyone will see you as past and never present, because people seem to rarely if ever change.

Those that lost their memory due to amnesia may exhibit potential they never thought they had before the amnesia.

And that is a small summary of what I am. Who I am. And who I will be.

Even if I do fade,

I will forever exist in time.

"Centuries" by Fall Out Boy referenced on/in slide 2

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