Know Your Girlfriend's True Friends by U53RN4M3
Know Your Girlfriend's True Friends by U53RN4M3 fiction stories

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Fiction. Not as action or anger filled as past stories...

Know Your Girlfriend's True Friends by U53RN4M3

Arik said to me that if I so much as dare get in the way of his car races, he would beat me to the point I would pass out.

And that was yesterday.

I did as he warned- not stopping or reporting his car races.

He forgot to mention that if I participate in any races and win his 1988 Ferrari F40 that I would also get pummeled until I passed out.

Or, he tried to pummel me.

"Arik, let the scum be! You can win your car back and have your revenge soon," someone sounding just like Jasmyn(my girlfriend) said.

I look up at Arik with a slightly painful smirk on my face, thinking she was helping me out.

Uh, nope.

Once I was back on my feet, she said, "Watch." And so I did.

She and Arik kissed, and not just any kiss- the type of passion filled kiss I had always wanted to share with someone.

Safe to say, we are no longer dating and she is now married to Arik with 1 baby boy.... with the name she and I planned if/when we had kids

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