I Will. . . Find motivation
I Will. . .
Find motivation stories

jaxjax This is u53rn4m3
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For my family, for @Catilina, and for any up for a 78 day challenge, with small challenges within the challenges.
If it is too long of a challenge for some, just try doing one challenge at a time. Each time one has been completed, give yourself a small reward and keep working through the challenges.
Have a good day all, and thanks for being so inspiring and encouraging @Rosarlei!

I Will. . . Find motivation

I will... Utilise this motivation

I will... Fight for my family.

I will... Do my homework the day it has been given, if possible.

I will... Breathe.

I will... Try everything again, all the while trying @Rosarlei's challenge, to keep your bedroom clean for two weeks.

I will... Keep doing everything on top of trying to focus solely on someone else for an hour each day.

I Will... Breathe, again.

I will... Start the push-up and plank challenge.

I will... Write part two once these I wills are finished.

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