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jaxjax This is u53rn4m3
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Just a story about a girl, her shell and a part of her that is watching her

I tried,

I tried, sincerely,

I tried, sincerely, I did.

But I could not help her.

She wanders alone

She wanders alone now

She wanders alone now, because she is the lone wolf.

People told her what to be

People told her what to be not literally what to be

People told her what to be not literally what to be just a comment about what she seemed to be

and she,

and she, trying to be whom they all saw,

became hollow

I could only sit back and watch as her family and counselor called her a lone wolf

People called her weird, so she allowed weird thoughts to become her essence

Her sis and friends called her dirty minded when she said something not PG13

She hated herself for it, for becoming dirty minded

She hated herself for tasting the wine of listening to others

She hated herself most for being herself

She hid all of this from most people

People saw her, mainly, as thoughtful, kind, and quiet

But then you arrive

But then you arrive, which, honestly, was kind of annoying

You were so kind to her

You are so kind to her

I watched her as she told you how she felt

And you just said that you would help her

help her

Her. She who knows more about you than you do her

I noticed the distance between her and I close, only a few inches, the more she talked.

Sometimes, I wanted to kick her in the mouth for saying the wrong thing that set progress backwards ten feet

But still, the closer we got, the closer she was to being a shell that is living

She took chances to become what she is now

She took chances to become what she is. Now

now she is trying to undo it all

when she should be pushing forward

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