Help Before Giving Alternatives by u53rn4me
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Continuation from Know Your Girlfriend's True Friends. Ex-boyfriend's perspective still

Help Before Giving Alternatives by u53rn4me

Another day at school. Another day to here teachers teaching and classmates complaining and lying. Another empty day of people talking about other days that are just as empty as the one they are in.

Wait.. I forgot to introduce myself, again, didn't I?

Well, you might remember me as the guy who lost his girlfriend and was referred to as scum by his ex-girlfriend. Oh, and my name? Vycktor Leech.

Since she left, the person who made me complete, I have just wanted to die. Everyone knew this. And yet, they still told me different ways to commit suicide. Why am I not wanted?

Anywho, enough of my problems. Writer: write.

A kid, Jeremy Allan, told me one method. It sounded cool, so I figured why not. I mean, how painful can having your bones being broken really be?

Apparently, very.

A Best Buy tractor trailer was driving by at a relatively fast speed. I saw myself as I ran in front of the tractor trailer. Then mind blowing pain, everything was black and white at the exact time with what was actually happening blurred.

I felt my breath leave me, and then nothing more could be felt, because I never got help from anyone.

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