Feelings Towards Another
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Feelings Towards Another

This is going to be simple, I hope.

The maximum amount of words you can write are sixty.

The minimum amount of words you can write are ten.

Each sentence must begin with a capital letter.

You can use whatever forms of English you wish, as long as it makes sense with what the person before you said.

Yes, I am going to be like other collaborators, sorry if you do not like that.

Everyone must continue on from what the person before them said.

If they are using first perspective and you want to change it to second or third perspective, you can, if you can find a way to transition it.

April first is the day when your comments, which will be for the collaboration, are due.

If you have a specific image or gif you want used for this, feel free to email me at amberrarity1953@gmail.com

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message!

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