Devle & Die Part III

Devle & Die

Part III switching minds with myself stories

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Devle & Die Part III

So, let's do that. Can't do that with you.

So, let's do that. Can do that with you,

So, let's do that. Can do that with you, my younger past self telling me I'm wasting my life away.

So, pictures of my younger self and current self.

Currently have no pictures of the writer's younger self, but imagine the next slide, but with longer hair, natural highlights, no glasses, eyes wide open and outside.

16 years old(current)

So, we'll use a scene from both pasts, younger and older.

Younger scene: me riding my bike in my old dirty circular(tear drop shaped...) drive way.

Say, my older mind is in my younger body, but can't control what that body does. What the older mind can control, though, is thoughts.

As I'm riding my bike, I'm thinking of how to say something to my siblings, knowing deep down the conversation, it would never happen..

An older scene at the dinner table with younger mind

As dinner progressed, I didn't really think. I heard myself constantly correcting my siblings and thought to myself, What kind of person am i? What type of horrid creature have I become?

Am I another villain from hardy boys, coy and evil? What is this body, this mouth of mine doing to me?

My sister glared at me. She got up and walked away.

Who have I become?

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