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Do not read.

Delve & Die Part II

Have you listened or heard or read the lyrics to "10 Feet Down" by NF, recently?

If not, please do so. It's a, very unique piece.

But, we're not here to analyse then song, as we have done in the past.

We are here to analyse our lives.

Not good or bad choices

Don't choices create our lives?

Indeed, but the thoughts, the actions, the reasons, the wants, the needs behind those choices are the small parts of the rest of life.

And right now, you will be able to zoom in on the writer's wants and their comparison to the bigger picture.... maybe, let's see how this goes.


Wants.... An actual relationship with a guy

And need says no. You should get closer to God. Your parents see any and all gents interested in you as a threat to their-- and here's another want-- relationship.

Wants... An okay relationship, friendship, with anyone.

Needs says yes. According to Gen. 1-3 it says man needs companionship.... even if, ugh, nevermind.... just yes

Wants.... to walk away at the right point for the first time, willingly

Needs says no. Unless you need to sleep or shower or eat.

Wants... to be seen when i'd actually need someone...

And here we go again.

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