"Cross off the days gone by". . . .
"Cross off the days gone by". . . . music stories
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Just a bit of a piece dealing with a song that features the dead Chester Bennington. Hope it makes sense. Inspired by "Cross Off" by Mark Morton ft. Chester Bennington along with many readers stories i read, one's about cutting, depression, emotional problems, or dealing with interactions with charactera they're not supposed to interact with, think i got that from @bruvton and his story "Wayward Wall" or something like that

"Cross off the days gone by". . . .

But why cross them off?

. . . "So black out and hide behind the lines". . .

Oh, so you're going to be a coward and hide behind your lines while others die, others, who are supposed to be you?

. . . "Keep staring down the sun and hope the" . . .

The what? Not gonna answer? Life scary? Depression scary? Yes, yes it is Chester.

. . . "Light will finally blind your eyes from seeing" . . .

Bad life? Yes. Friend died? Yes. You took a path so few and yet so many take? . . . Yes. You did.

. . . "Cross off the days gone by" . . .

. . . To show you are alive

. . . To show others depression is not a battle easily won you crossed the days off, counting all the days you fought yourself and survived, maybe even thrived. You gave us our fight song yet it was your song made to help get some emotions out there. One, that might have made the fight harder for you, easier for us.

Thanks Chester, for a fight song, and rest in peace.

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