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A late night writing, so it might be a little bit confusing... and trying out some formatting
Feedback welcome

Ch a n g e

Simple words can take away innocence of heart mind or body

Simple words can embody a balm to help the renewal of innocence happen

But, can't anyone see, the black ink from the pen and from many lips have stained the young at heart?

Can the filthy at heart stop creating art that portrays death that even the blind can see?

Does no one feel as though we are guilty from the dark pleasures of the web we d i s c o v e r

Or guilty from how we carele- ssly talk with one an- other

Maybe others do notice this, the carelessness and filth and healing aid we all embody

Maybe we can help one another

No one said that this world h a d to be left a bit more dirty when we died

No one said that you could not stop bad habits and start good habits

No one has openly said, to the knowledge of this writer, new beginnings start at the end of something old

Well... no one has been willing to be my hero

To heal my heart and give me back the innocence I have craved from the moment your simple words touched my mind and pulled me into a pit of lust for things I have never had,

and most likely never will have

So now is the time to take a stand, rise, and carry you and others if need be

Now is the time to make new out of what was old

Teach an old dog new tricks, if you will

c h a n g e

f l y

Come out of my cocoon and spread my w i n g s

Taste the waters of poison after tasting the waters of i m m o r t a l i t y

It is time to grow and to heal

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