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'Careless' is about how a species treats one another, treats the Earth, and a bit about volleyball thrown in the mix.


"And so we put our hands up"

The sands down

As the Earth rotates around the sun.

The feet dig into the sand even more.

The hands punch into the air, few connecting.

People scream, people cheer.

A man drinks his beer.

The opponent glares at us and serves us one we deserve.

And one we deal back real hard.

More bets are waged as to who will win.

Every breath, every blink of an eye;


Whether it be fellow volleyball players, enemy volleyball players, spectators, judges, and more-- They will sentence your fate mercilessly.

Carelessly we taunt, judge, and hurt one another.

Carelessly we destroy the Earth for our luxury.

Carelessly we prolong the lives of strangers and kill those we love with a word.

Carelessly we are, we have been, and we shall be.

What will we do about it?

Nothing, for we are human and the stupidest of the 'intelligent' species.

The first line of this piece of writing, second slide, is a line in the song"Can't Hold Us" cover Pentatonix.

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