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Being you is not easy, especially if you do not know what/how you think of yourself. Knowing how you think of yourself can help you identify your securities and insecurities, find yourself, and become a stronger person.
Hope this helps you consider who you are!

Being You


Firstly: 'Who' are You?

'Who' are you?

Are you defined by

Are you defined by race?

Are you defined by gender?

Are you defined by religion?

Are you defined by society?

If you define yourself by others' definitions or thoughts of 'who' you are, then maybe questions about whether or not individuality is allowed should come up.

Secondly: Who are You?

Who are you?

Are you the product of

Are you the product of two people's hatred for one another?

Are you the product of bullying?

Are you the product of strong friendships ending?

Are you the product of your thoughts?

Are you the product of your wants and needs?

If you are constantly reacting, where is the thinking that people are known to have?

Thirdly: You Are

You are

You are the collection of things that have happened.

You are either good or evil. Do not let someone make that decision for you.

YOUR thoughts and YOUR actions and YOUR reactions are YOUR choice.

Others may influence your choices, but know that NO ONE can force you to do something, not even the law.

You can impersonate someone as much as you would like, but there will Always be traces of your personality and character.

There Can Be One Thousand

There Clones Can Of Be You, One But Thousand There

There Clones Can Can Of Only Be You, Be One But One Thousand There You.

There is only one person who can react the exact same way you do, who has had the exact same experience you have had, who can laugh like you, who can lie like you, who can argue like you....

.... is you. No one can fully fake being you. And you cannot fully fake being someone else.

So, go on. Be you. It is okay, there are already so many people being themselves.

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