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3473 words. My take on the prompt Slip and inspired by Underground by Adam Lambert. Please, listen to this song whilst reading it. Sorry if it is dark, but this is one in a series I plan on writing. If you stick with me to the end, you will see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Attempted Kidnapping

I am an ordinary person telling an awful story.

The story is much like other stories.

It has a bad guy, a victim, a hero and a bystander.

I am one of the bystanders and am otherwise known as your narrator.

You have permission to hate me for telling this story.

The rest of the characters you will meet as we go through the story.

Now that we have that out of the way, I present to you:


School had let out and eight year old Sally, who is a small and little black girl in a white community, was wandering home.

She had no friends because of her colour difference and had to resort to creating Betty and May with her imagination.

As Sally walked down the path that led home, Betty and May were telling her about a man they saw throughout the day.

Sally asked questions to each of them as they through an apple orchard that was in blossom.

Each answer was weird and strange.

A man that was forty-six years old with tan skin, dark sunglasses and in a suit was walking around the school all day.

Someone offered him a fresh apple- with a dandelion- to which he accepted the apple only.

Whilst eating the apple, he had started sneezing due to pollen allergies.

Just like how he had begun to do, now.

Sally quickly turned around and saw the exact man her imaginary friends spoke of.

Sally knew her friends were imaginary, and so thought the man whom she saw to be imaginary.

With her bright dark chocolate eyes on him, she ran to him as quickly as her little body could.

His warm voice greeted her.

She smiled at his greeting and a thought she had.

She had performed various tests on people she liked and wanted to be friends with.

These tests were simple and took little time.

Little did poor Sally realise that this test would last until she was at least twelve years old.

"Hey mister," her sweet, innocent and kind voice began, "could you pick me up so that I might be able to see above that short tree over there?

Pl-eeease! It's my favourite tre- ee ha ha ha! That was fu-un."

Realisation dawned on her that this was no imaginary friend of hers.

This was a real man whom her imaginary friends saw all day.

And described in viciously terrifying ways.

"Sir, s-ir, could you put me down, please."

Sally could only look at the ground as she awaited his response.

Her body was shaking with terror to the point it looked like someone had taken her pigtails and started moving them in a manner as one might see on a bumpy car ride.

The man changed his way of holding her into a manner of which a father might hold a baby.

Then, as the sun was about to set, he opened his mouth and smiled a wicked smile.

The sun caught hold of his golden tooth and reflected the light.

Realising all was done for, Sally screamed a frightful scream.

A scream that alerted all animals of the orchard and neighbouring forests of danger, of a human worthy of a few bitemarks.

By the time her scream had ended, he picked her up and threw her on the ground.

No, she did not die.

But she wishes that she had.

Time passed while she lay on the ground,

Time passed while she lay on the ground, unconscious.

When she awoke, the authorities were cuffing the man who now had a barely hanging on finger, bleeding legs and a face that lost a lot of skin.

She and I had both thought this would be the ending, that she and her imaginary friends could slip from the grasp of reality again, but sadly they did not.

Instead, they had begun to find and discover reality in ways they never thought possible.

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