Another useless argument
Another useless argument memories stories

jaxjax This is u53rn4m3
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Change takes a while and a lot of letting go, ive realised.

Hope you can change, a little bit each day, for the better

Another useless argument

More cutting words yelled at my family

I cannot stop the words

I know, from experience, that they have been building up

Even as they are said, I can the regret forming

And I can see the self-hatred growing

What I do know, is whom yelled those words

And says cutting words to her siblings every day

Sometimes, even the parents experience the sharp words being flung at them

I know that she wants to change

She is having problems, though

She constantly feels threatened, paranoid

Paranoid that something bad will happen that is majour, like a car accident or school shooting

And the thing is, I cannot help her

Because I am her

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