A starless night of serenity is never existent.
A starless night of serenity is never existent.  fiction stories

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First piece written that was based off of images... can only blame @Rosarlei for that one... but, was a fun piece to write! Hope it makes sense! When you can, try to allow your imaginations to the otherside!

A starless night of serenity is never existent.

It is always ruined by one's thoughts and by one's imagination of words in bold print screaming at them, tormenting them.

The sight of a deadly scenario takes your world over, making you gasp, marvel, and shake with fear.

But, never fear, that was just your imagination about a peer or two of yours.

Oh, just a peer that allowed you to experience a starless, serene night and has shown you the darker, deadlier side to it.

Someone that is of a beauty magnificent, like Lestat the Vampire, who's empire was Earth.

And someone who was extemely deadly, their beauty.

One person can turn a beeautiful night, a starless, serene night, into one that curdles their stomach, brings a scream from their mouth, and causes those in this person's imagination to marvel at such a sight

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