A raging fire from within threatens to spew.
A raging fire from within threatens to spew. feelings stories

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Not the greatest... just venting... .. ending is best, kinda

A raging fire from within threatens to spew.

If it ever spews out, people will turn their heads away.

A raging fire from within, Again, Threatens to spew.

Last time this fire spewed full force, other fires gently burned it and forced it back.

And it happens this time.

And the next.

And the next.

Slowly, building a raging heat, until all it's fire buddies and family leave it to it's heat, for they were never true fire.

Never true emotion.

You see, that fire building up in her chest?

Never, ever would have existed.

If not for her family.

And the day she publishes this, will be a day when the fire grows, more.

You give her words to speak, parents.

You encourage speaking...

.... in front of others.

In front of those young eyes staring back at you, looking up to you!

Never realising, you are the reason why....

Your kids can't communicate with you well.

Do you not realise, O great and wise parents, that in order to be great parents you first have to show and not just tell what communication looks like?

Communicate IN FRONT of your kids, show them how to come to a peaceful compromise, instead of lecturing them for 'arguing' every time they attempt to compromise?

You compromise things behind our backs, then you have disagreements in front of us.

Then, when we have disagreements, you're all, 'Stop arguing! Do you see your mother and i arguing?' Supposedly, no. 'We are your examples.'

Pardon these next few french slides... but you expect US to NOT follow your example when told to?

Like, my sister gets enough stuff from the crap kids at school say.. she feels like she's worthless.. on top of that our parents still see us as younger kids, constantly thinking, 'Well, you used to like that when you were younger.'

No dip! That is the past. This is now. You got a problem with you we are becoming? We have a problem with you refusing to move forward.

On my sister's wedding day, on my brother's, maybe on mine, they will cry becaude of the harsh awakening they'll get... like ... seriously... wake up

Ugh.... hormones... My brother is fine and dandy until he is with me and my family... communication is why my siblings and i are gonna move... every day, another minor, majour, disagreement, arguement, whatever the heck you wanna say

Every day, we say i love you.... only two people half sincerely say it half the time.... every day my siblings and i long to be held in there arms as if it was a bad day, at least once....

Doesn't take a genius to figure that out

Just.... enjoy this piece.... bye.

B-Be Y-You E-forEver

.... or don't

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