Six months later
Six months later  ex stories

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Six months after you left

Six months later

I want to start this off by saying I am doing better

And by doing better I mean I’ve finally stopped seeing your face on every long haired brunette I see walking out of a bar

By doing better I mean I only think of you during every ‘other’ song on my playlist titled “you fucking bitch”

By doing better I mean I no longer associate you with sunflowers or lightning or basically everything that I love in general

your ghost is slowly dissipating from my peripheral vision

Your image is like that when you turn off the light and you see an afterglow in your eyes for just a few seconds

The knot in my stomach is leaving like the feeling a kid gets when he’s finally ridden his first roller coaster but never wants to do that shit again

I can enjoy whiskey again without the taste of you in my mouth

I can listen to Jon Simmons and not want to scream out your name in anger and break the radio

I no longer lay awake at 3:32 in the morning wondering if you’re sleeping alone or entwined in another mans arms

Ive taken your very essence and put a strike right through the imprint of your memory on my brain

What I’m trying to say is

I’m doing better

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