Startup Success Slack Channel Course

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Startup Success Slack Channel Course

SSSCC: Channels # 1-9


1) Share your startup ideas here for selection to the next stage/channel of the course.

Initial Market Assessment:

2) Learn what & how.

Have Business Model/POC/Value Proposition:

3) This is where we help you take what you got and make it into what you need.

Built Prototype/MVP/Alpha Version of Product:

4) This is where we test what you have!

Built Beta Version Product/Received Market Validation:

5) Here is where we help you share your product and help you collect/analyze responsive data.

Field Test Completed/Have a Go to Market Strategy:

6) This is where we help you utilize the collected and analyzed data and help refine your product until polished.

Have a Marketable Prototype/Product Version:

7) This is where we help you promote your product with optimal technique.

Operation Setup: Manufacturing/Supply Chain/Management

8) Here we provide you with the tools to work with your acquired team to manage day-day.

Have Reportable Sales or Growth:

9) We give you the tools to manage your business financially and scale logistically!

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2 years agoReply
That is a great question! I think it would all depend on how long (if) the startup can graduate throughout the levels with the support provided.

sydneyVerifiedco-creator of Commaful
2 years agoReply
Cool post @jaswinderbrar! How long do you think the steps should take? I personally think getting to step 4/5 ASAP is extremely important