My Ideas for Unique Applications of Pencil!
My Ideas for Unique Applications of Pencil! stories

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A brainstorm to see if I can find a new way to use one of my favourite online tools!

My Ideas for Unique Applications of Pencil!

A brainstorm to see if I can find a new way to use one of my favourite online tools!

Daily Sports Highlights Recaps!

See a Pencil Story in your Twitter feed every morning for last night's GIF Highlights and corresponding scores!

Personal Online Branding/Marketing!

Promote your Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/Pencil/Medium/ProductHunt/etc.. accounts in one Pencil Story and promote it across the various aforementioned platforms to your various user audiences!

Products Cross-Promotional Tool!

Attention Makers!: Partner with as many(non-competing) makers as you can to collaborate on a Pencil Story! 1 Page each and promote the entire Story across all of your various online audiences!

Creating a List of "Things"

Any list of things.. These cant vary into the infinite depths of information!

Sharing Vacation Photographs/Gifs!

This is an excellent forum to create a Story of your Vacations/Trips!

Creating a Step-by-Step "How-To" Process (w/ Gifs)

A Pencil Story containing step=by-step pages outlining how to do something with included instructional gifs! Examples include making a cake w/ recipe!

Create a 3D Timelapse Pencil Story!

A Pencil Story with each Page a different angle of a time-lapse gif of the same thing.. Creating a 3D time-lapse Pencil Story!

To think of ideas..

The Gifs available to browse here are very inspirational to create all kinds of stories as I am creating this one off-hand!

Make a Pencil Story of one of your FB Albums!

A Pencil Story with your best Facebook Album photographs and comments!

Collect all of your favourite Gifs from the internet!

Tired of weird gif links in your bookmarks tab? Keep a draft Pencil Story with all of your favourite gifs and their associated links for reference!

Create a Peaceful Reflection Pencil Story.

Use the soothing gifs and throw in some inspirations quotes and you can relax yourself people!

Sell your product!

You can create a Pencil Story entailing corresponding gifs of product demos with associated product marketing/sales comments and slogans.

Video Game Highlight Reels!

Your best video game highlight/bloopers/omg moments gifs and associated comments to brag off to all of your mate in smashing manner!

Your own personal sports highlights portfolio!

Get your best highlights and try to make it to the pros by getting it in the hands of scouts!

Go to the Zoo and show us all of the cute animals.. Gbye ;)

Thanks for making it to the end of this chapter ;) Will be back with more and please share you're unique applications here at Pencil in the comments!

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