Don't bring a knife to a gun fight
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From Jason's blog:

Don't bring a knife to a gun fight

“Just like a @#$ to bring a knife to a gun fight” – Sean Connery, The Untouchables

We are living in an age of excellence

Product is so important, in fact, that distribution is often drowned out by the popping of champagne corks, as founders watch their babies hit number one on Product Hunt and Hacker News.

What a thrill it is to hit the top of the charts

only to humble founders with the eventual and brutal pit of despair they will face in the coming days and weeks, as other products replace them at the top of the App Store.

Lasting distribution = the big winners today

Airbnb built a killer tool for Craigslist, Uber mastered the referral system and ‘over the shoulder virality’

I'm stunned by how many exceptionally well-created products

have no considering for distribution. Great moves all, but with no marketing budget, target audience, titles, or tag lines.

Standing out today with investors requires great products

But it's table stakes. To really stand out from the pack, bring a killer distribution hack that you refined and can speak about first-hand.

Feels like the stakes are constantly raising in this game

where showing up without an MVP in 2016 makes you look foolish

In 2017

showing up without a unfair competitive distribution strategy will look like showing up to a gunfight with a knife.

One competitive advantage I heard

infiltrating college markets by having “power hours.” They basically invite folks for donuts or burritos and have a party that is co-ran by influential groups on campus

Another company was going to industry events

signing up folks for trials and having product review sessions. That’s not super unique, but they had really connected that piece of the prospecting to their SDRs

The point is:

coming to your investor meetings with a distribution story dialed in will set you apart from your competition

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