A Little Infinity...
A Little Infinity... john green stories

japman A young and budding poet
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Inspired by the novel "The Fault in Our Stars" (TFIOS) by John Green.
There are some books and stories which will forever hold a special place in your heart. This is that one book for me.
Hope you like it
Word count- 240 words
Lines- 22

A Little Infinity...

In the heart of Jesus, there was an infinity that began.

Two souls connected, two lives joined, it was God's cleverly thought plan.

Cigarette was just a metaphor, for death needs power to arise.

They held each other's hand, and together they touched the skies.

Death was what she dreaded and oblivion was his fear,

okay was their always, and cancer was their tear.

An Imperial Affliction, a book without an end,

that connected their hearts, and gave each of them a friend.

The world is not a wish granting factory, you only get one.

He used his wish for her, for she had left none.

And so they flew to Amsterdam, to meet Van Houten, the great,

only to find out that he was a mean spirited drunk, whom people hate.

But, they enjoyed what they had, for stopping was still far.

They went out for dinner and together they touched the stars.

But this joy soon faded, when Gus fell sick.

His health worsened, all of it happened really quick.

There was a pre-funeral, and a funeral that followed,

he left the world, there was a place in her heart that was hollowed.

But, soon she read his obituary, and at once, she knew,

that her choice was right and everything that dies once grew.

This was the story of Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace

He left the world, but in my heart, he also left a trace.

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