How could you, how can I? By JaneDoe

How could you, how can I?

By JaneDoe  argument stories

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When you’re fighting with the person you hold most dear it’s always the worst, hopefully in the end everything is okay and each person is happy

How could you, how can I? By JaneDoe

You’re the person I hold most dear You’re the person I always want near When I hold you things, they feel clear And when I’m with you, there is nothing I fear

Until the day you took it all back What you did to me, in my heart it left a million cracks Something you beg to take back But do you know? Now my heart has turned black

Now when we talk it’s nothing but mess Our love has been feeling like nothing but stress Why should I settle for less? I won’t, all I need to see is progress and success

I want to ask, how could you? Before it happened, did you not walk in my shoes? Then you get mad when I say things are through answer my question, how could you?

Now I ask my self how can I? Even tho you make me cry Even tho I wanted to die I still keep asking myself, how can I ?

Because deep down I know it’s still very true No matter what I always want you Even when we fight and even when we cry But how can I stay? When I know how you lie

I hate fighting with you the most because you’re the one who I love and the one who Iv always held so close 

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