Nobody believed how much I was hurt
Nobody believed how much I was hurt sad stories

jammie1324 "I exist therefore I am" -Walk Whitman
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My first story. My biggest heartache. No secrets now.

Nobody believed how much I was hurt

by jammie1324

This was going to be poetry but I need you to understand.

I was in love with someone. Someone who loved too many for me to comprehend. My heart still new and tender while his was calloused and tough.

He tended to me and held my hand. Even after a month long absence I didn't question his faith or his love. Although we were never together it was just an act for him to keep up.

Don't get me wrong I knew he had others but I assumed he stopped when he meet me last summer. He was older, stronger, mature. He was everything I wanted and I couldn't have been more sure.

As we walked his laughter gave me joy and I craved his voice whenever he spoke. I could hear my heart in my chest. Oh, this was pure joy

But love truly is blind because he pulled me to my death. I didn't see it because he outshone his lies. What he did was cruel and I won't spare the details but promise me you'll understand.

He pulled me close, whispered my name and pulled at my heart. No, wait, i'm lying not my heart, I meant my top. Fear filled my body and I pushed him away. I still loved him so I stayed.

He messed with his belt and pulled me close. He told me to open my mouth and I couldn't cope. I flew from the room and noticed he locked the door but the key was still in place so I left him

I told my friends and they began to joke. They said I shouldn't have left. They told me how I was a fool and that he would be hurt. Him of all people of course he was hurt the most.

I'm only telling you this so keep your lips sealed.

That night I got home I threw up my soul. I tore out my heart and denied my pain. I also never let anyone else touch me again. I called my self a monster and still nothing has changed.

I'm dragging this on I know but please stay a little longer

My skin has grown sensitive but my heart is so much harder. I denied my pain back then and I do the same to myself now. This story is more than a heartbreak of an aching soul...

This story is one of confidence and hope

Do not let them deny you. You are you and that's all you can be. You are loved even if you can't see. These words may seem weak but on the darkest days they are my candlelight.

You've probably stopped reading and I don't mind...

...but if you wanted to know I can still feel his hands against my spine. Yes, i'm still in pain but I have to remember there is more to my life than his stains. Move on even if its hard. Move on

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