You Are What You Attract
You Are What You Attract stories

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You Are What You Attract

I often hear women speak about the men they meet...

and how 3 months or 3 years down the line they find out...

the man was bad for them or they saw red flags in the beginning but just went along with it.

Rarely do I hear them speak about their accountability in it

and how they attracted these men..

The fact is you are what you attract!

If you attract men who are deceivers and shady it’s because you are the same way in some area of your life.

If you attract an honest, loving man...

it’s a reflection of you!..

We are all mirrors of each other.

So if you want better, you have to do the work within yourself and change the bad behaviors in yourself in order to attract the person who will reflect the qualities you want in a relationship .

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