Why I Don’t Believe You….Attention Muslims and Other Religious Groups
Why I Don’t Believe You….Attention Muslims and Other Religious Groups stories

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Why I Don’t Believe You….Attention Muslims and Other Religious Groups

by jamieenglishorg

There are times when I get approached orquestioned by people

..who believe in religion and dispute the fact that the story of Jesus is not the way it was depicted in the Bible.

While I never argue with the other person,

because I believe they are entitled to their own belief system and free to choose, I do not believe them based on the way they live their own lives.

The reason I don’t believe them...

is because I have yet to see any of them with joy in their hearts.Pure Joy….you know, the kind of joy that shines regardless of what they are encountering in their life..

the kind that can forgive..

the kind of joy that allows you to have inner peace inside your spirit no matter who or what attempts to disrupt your life.

Now make no mistake, I am a follower of Christ..

and I do not see joy in a lot of Christians either but there are many in which I attract that I have seen joy in them and most importantly, I’ve experienced it in my own life ..

..and I see the difference.

There was a time in my life where I did not live under the authority of God and I lived for myself so I was selfish, unloving, dishonoring amongst other negative traits.

Now that I live under the authority of God..

and have surrendered (and always working towards surrendering) and shedding those negative patterns, I know the difference.

Joy is a fruit of the Spirit and it is certainly a gift.

While our world is in turmoil, it is extremely important to have joy because it will get you through those tough times. Joy will not distract you from the truth.

Joy still allows you to see the light and beauty of others..

no matter how dark the circumstances may appear to be.Joy lives inside of our hearts and our soul and becomes who we are. When you have joy, sometimes the benefits are even unspeakable.

Joy is an inner satisfaction...

that you know that you will always be okay no matter where you are in life, you know you can always come back to joy.For me joy came along the way of building my relationship with God.

So I don’t believe the religions when they say what they say

..because they don’t display joy…..not one.Many don’t even exude simple happiness and that is discomforting to know that there is so much more to experience in life ..

..but because of our limiting beliefs and religion,

we miss out on the fruit of the spirit of God.

I also had another friend who grew up in Christianity

and because he saw so many Christians not living the way they taught about a.k.a hypocrits, he turned away from the church and eventually despised it.

He started to learn new awarenesses..

that he never learned in church and began to follow that way. We’d often speak about our lives and he constantly felt the need to question my beliefs.

He made valid points from his studies..

but the fact still remained that there was still always something missing in his life. He still didn’t reflect the joy that I had come to know.He rejected God often by his actions ..

There was unforgiveness in his heart..

and though he had valid points and things I couldn’t explain, he still lived an unfulfilled life and I believe one of the reasons is because he never experiences joy in his heart...

He’d never experienced joy ..

so he didn’t know what it was like. So I do not believe Muslims and other religions because I don’t see you display the very thing that can set you free including unconditional love.

Many of those I meet who are in other religions..

seem to have a conditional kind of love.I remember growing up in the city of Philadelphia, there is a huge Muslim population there.

Many of us adopted some of their religious traits..

just by simply being around them and not having another option available.Some would promote unity in the streets and I’s see them selling items to the community.

As I grew older..

and started really paying attention to what was going on, I’d see many of the same distinguished Muslim men also selling drugs to the community or engaging in criminal activity.

We also had several Muslim merchants in the area..

and we’d shop in the stores and it was like we weren’t real customers. They’d take my money but they would only embrace and talk to the other Muslim customers.

It’s like I wasn’t even there yet they’d allow us to shop

Then, I’d see the women gossip about each other. My point is this goes on in all religions but where is the love???? That’s is what’s missing.

..there is not much love going on.

Now that I have my own relationship with God,

I know God is a God of Love. It’s just that simple but when you follow organized religion, you barely see love displayed. That’s how I know the difference between what’s real and what’s not.

How to Invite Joy Into Your Life?

When I began my relationship with God, it was a process because I had to work toward shedding the disruptive behaviors that consumed me.

It took me years to shed bad patterns and unloving behaviors

I know how joy can change your entire perspective and your life.The shedding of those patterns & allowing God to show me new patterns through his loving people whom I began to attract in my life

The process of letting go...

of my control over experiences I was going through and allowing God to lead me. The calling out of the Spirit of God to take over and allow me to see how God sees (instead of my own perspective).

The constant reminders that I am loved and the peace..

that remains within my life proves that joy is necessary. So until you’ve experienced joy, I’d say you’ve never really lived (especially the way God wants you to live).

An Invitation to Come Back to a Place of Love

I invite you to explore the true meaning of love which I have created in a book called the Power of Love. This book is now available on Kindle.


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