What You Spoke is Now Unfolding…
What You Spoke is Now Unfolding… stories
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What You Spoke is Now Unfolding…

Understand that the words you speak will certainly come to life .

The power of our words influence our everyday circumstances.

We actually speak our lives into existence. it sounds crazy right….I thought so too when I first heard it but then I started to evaluate my words and how it influenced my everyday decisions..

I realized everything I spoke came true…

.the good, the bad and the ugly.

Your personal happiness is influenced...

by the words that come out of your mouth. Wrong words can poison and destroy a woman’s entire life. Your words reveal whether you are wise or foolish..

Words are the seeds for peace or war.

If you speak peace (ex: speak love, encouragement, .) in your life, that is exactly what you will have. If you speak war (ex: cursing,..) in your life that is what you will have in your life.

A wise woman always ensures that the words she speaks...

are consistently kind.I do understand that sometimes we may slip but remember, if you do, correct it….immediately. Ask for forgiveness and mean it. Always make things right.

In my past, I spoke words of hate and strife ..

and it lead me down a perilous path. My world began to fall apart with my relationships and my circumstances. I was inspired to work on my words after hearing a sermon at church ..

prompted me to purchase the book allied , Taming the Tongue

It was a great read and I learned a lot in such a short time but I slowly started to put the lessons I learned into practice.

It actually took several years to get to the point ..

of being in control of my mouth and making sure that I was ready for the consequences of any words I spoke..

I am thankful I no longer speak death in my life..

and that wise words continuously flow out of my mouth. I remain in complete control of the words I speak and I will not allow the words or actions of another to make me veer off of the path.

Each day, my goal is to be a better woman.

A woman who speaks victory and life in every situation. A woman who leads by example especially in the words I speaks. - See more at: http://www.jamieenglish.org/love-lessons/lawofattraction/#sth

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