The Spirit of a Giver – How Giving Is More Important Than Receiving
The Spirit of a Giver – How Giving Is More Important Than Receiving  stories

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The Spirit of a Giver – How Giving Is More Important Than Receiving

Just in the year 2015, I realized how extremely important it is to be a giver..

I had an inkling before and made sure I gave some..

but not to the point where it really stretched me and I had to trust that it would be replaced.

It wasn’t until I studied the Law of Attraction and Wealth..

that I realized I was not doing and giving enough. It was uncomfortable thinking that I had to give even more than I was giving. it took me a very, very long time to even get there….

It is important to give ALOT (money, time, things, love,..

and your giving should inspire other people to give. When others around you see how generous you are, it could inspire them to be the same.

I often run into friends of mine..

who haven’t had that trust in giving yet and it bothers me because I know how much greater their circumstances could be if they would trust God more in the area of giving.

I know it takes time and is a process to get there..

but the rewards are great. What an amazing feeling it is to not have to worry about getting the money you need.

Sometimes when I stretch myself a lot..

I may think about what’s going to happen or my mind might remind me of what I’m doing but I ignore the thought and continue to remind myself to give.

Sometimes old habits have a way ofreminding you of your past

but again, ignore it and GIVE ANYWAY.

It look me many years to want toconsistently give money away

I used to hold on to money so tight that I would prevent actually receiving gifts/blessings because of my lack of trust in God.

I would only give a little and make excuses for it such as -

I don’t even have enough to give, or I’ll wait to give more when I get more. That type of thinking held me back for many, many years but not anymore.

When you release what’s in your hand,

God will release what’s in his hands for you.

“What you make happen for others,

God will make happen for you.”

What I’ve learned is when you give freely,

you never have to worry about when money comes in or being without money because you have the spirit of a giver.

The story of the birds in the air ..

who are always fed and never are without anything is a great reminder of this. - See more at:

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