The Most Powerful Force In The World Is Love…!!
The Most Powerful Force In The World Is Love…!!  stories

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The Most Powerful Force In The World Is Love…!!

It is the basis for motivation. Love Breaks Through Barricades.Love Conquers All

How many of us live our lives to reflect what the text says

..I do or atleast I strive to each and every single day..

God has stretched me beyond my imagination..

in the area of love, giving and forgiveness in ways that I could not have done myself.

I look back on the past 4 years of my life..

and my view of my past life is barely recognizable to the woman I am becoming. I hope you work toward surrendering yourself and let God work in you..

and move you closer & closer...

to offering more love to your world…. with family, friends, co-workers, even complete strangers

Take a moment,close your eyes and ask God to take you higher

and I tell you he moves me to levels I didn’t think I could handle. Now I must admit, it’s not easy.

I go through many challenging trials..

but the purpose ALWAYS outweighs the pain I endure to get where I need to go. I encourage you to do the same thing in your life.

Our world needs more love..

more forgiving people, more people of divine purpose. We are #rare so #berare and serve your purpose. Start your journey to a return to love. We are one!

How do we discern true love?

To Love Someone Is To Place High Value On Them. “Falling in love” is the mental picture that illustrates dethronement of self and the elevation of another.

How do we know when we are “in love?”

How can we have the assurance that someone truly loves us? God Has To Give You A Very Special Desire And Love For That Person Who Excites Your Desire For Commitment.

Here Are 4 Proofs of Real Love:

1. Real Love Does Not Fear. 2. Real Love Always Wants To Give. 3. Real Love Never Fails. 4. Real Love Anticipates The Needs of Others

Fear is distrust and lack of confidence.

There is no fear in love. Love wants to contribute to another’s needs. True love results in the investment of time, effort and even finances in another.

The Power of Love (A return to love)

I listen to this song on repeat whenever I need to be reminded of how loved I am.

Need more proof on the Power of Love..

check out this story of a hospital seeking loving volunteers to help newborn babies grow stronger.

we ALL need this kind of love..

many of us have built rock around our hearts because of past hurts and pains but the victory comes when you can remove those barriers and love regardless of your fears.

That’s when the real love starts flowing..

through your life and you become fulfilled.

Are You Ready to Start Your Journey Toward Peace..

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