The Error in our Ways
The Error in our Ways stories

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The Error in our Ways

Often in our lives, we as women do not see the error of our ways.

There was a time when I would blame other people ...

It wasn’t until I began to see the same patterns unfolding in my life and getting to the point of desperation that I needed to make many changes so that I wouldn’t keep repeating the same pattern

I began to look within myself in every situation, decision..

I evaluated why I made certain choices,why I overlooked signs that were right in front of my face with people who I should not have trusted..

I started to learn more about myself..

this whole process births new things all of the time. It lead me to learn about the Laws of God and how if order in with the laws is not present,

Divine order – The Order of God –

God has universal laws set in place in our world that are in perfect order with His plan. When we do not operate in divine order, hardship occurs.

So let me share with you what I’ve learned ..

..about some of these Spiritual Laws.

The Law of Honor –

Honoring your mentors, your mate, your mother and father, authority, etc. When you honor a man or woman, you plant a seed for access to a new door to your future.

The Law of Words –

Realizing that life and death is in the power of the tongue. What that means is the words you chose to speak can either continue to keep you alive or can lead you towards death.

The Law of Attraction –

Interestingly enough, I learned about this law in 2015 and it has literally changed my entire life. As women, we have to realize we are what we attract .

All of the laws are really simple yet so profound..

We make things more complicated than they actually are when it can be this simple. I’d like to invite you to start evaluating these laws that I’ve mentioned in your lives..

Evaluate your relationships, friendships..

and the people who cross your path and you’ll get a view of how these laws are very relevant in your life. - See more at:

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