Pets over Purpose — Rover is Not More Important Than Me:)
Pets over Purpose — Rover is Not More Important Than Me:)  stories
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Pets over Purpose — Rover is Not More Important Than Me:)

As I frequent the playground at least twice a week in the summertime..

..I notice the same pattern every time.

People care more about your dog than they do me. It happens every time. I observe people walking their dogs and only 10% actually speak to the owner, the rest just go right up to the dog ..

and start petting them or they may ask can I pet your dog... hello, no how are you today. Only a rare few actually say hello. I tested this too. I dog sat for a week and I took little Skipper out for walks everyday.

Every single person I encountered went straight to the dog…

none of them acknowledged me. I shared this with my friend, the dog owner and she says she is used to it so she doesn’t pay it any mind.

we don’t even a knowledge a person anymore..

but we are head over heals in love with a cute dog comes around…and sometimes the dog isn’t even that cute.

Have we become so cold-hearted or oblivious...

that when we see another human being we completely ignore them because we consider them unimportant? Do we lack love and connection with others?

I say YES. The human connection is being compromised...

We’re so wrapped up in our lives and our own families lives that we ignore the needs of others. Or we are too busy to care.

How can we grow as a community...

when we forget what is so crucially important? I challenge you today to observe the people around you that you encounter each day.Crack a smile, offer a greeting, say an encouraging word.

It really doesn’t take much to spread love.

Petting Rover is okay but make sure you show what’s most important, the human connection. - See more at:

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