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I Need Peace of Mind

I believe I’ve experienced the toughest battle to date in my life..

yet it’s been a huge opportunity to spread more love,.

forgiveness, peace and to humble myself.I was betrayed by a close friend yet God has been pushing me to higher (which I asked for)..

so that I can love unconditionally,.

forgive the unforgivable, do the unthinkable and it has gotten me in such a place of LOVE that it was SOOO worth the battle.

I would’ve never thought I’d LOVE this much

and be so forgiving but it is a part of the process. I am grateful for the opportunity to be used in this way and I know the future is bright because of the endurance that I am called to handle.

So I say to you…what are you willing to fight for…

WE ALL have spiritual weapons of mass destruction that can overcome the hatred of the world, the unforgiveness, the judgment, the malice, the wars,etc.

We have to use our spiritual power within..

to overcome adversity and operate in a place of LOVE.Once you do that, you see through new eyes and the world is so beautiful and people are beautiful and things begin to change

starting with one woman at a time..

and if you can change one woman, you can change one family, and if you can change one family, you can change a community and if you can change a community, you can change a city,

and if you can change a city, you can change a state..

and if you can change a state, you can change a country and if you can change a country, you can change a continent and if you can change a continent, you can change the world. Get it!

Do what you have to do..

to get to the place of LOVE and always ‪#‎BERARE‬ See more at: http://www.jamieenglish.org/love-lessons/i-need-peace-of-mind/#sthash.OjBOOSZA.dpuf

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