How People Say They Love God But Show Hate to People Here
How People Say They Love God But Show Hate to People Here stories

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How People Say They Love God But Show Hate to People Here

by jamieenglishorg

I don't understand how people can say with a straight face I love God. They understand the very essence of God. They speak the words of God yet they hate people.

This has been baffling to me ever since I decided to truly love people.I had ton challenge my own thoughts and belief systems that I brought into and change that thought process.

In could no longer say I love God and labor for the blessings of God yet hate on people.

Often times, people even make excuses abo9ut their hate for instance I remember a time when a fellow church member posted on social media and raved about the post.

The post was of a military man in the US and he explained his position on killing others in other countries because after having a conversation with a fewe gentleman where he was stationed.

They said they would kill an American if they violated their territory. She was fully supportive of itl. She couldn't seem to see past her belief system that she bought into and what we as people

You do it to me, I do it back to you. That very message is the total opposite of what God is. God is love. WShere is the love in that?

Especially after this man formed an opinion and justified his behavior on the actions of another....that's called righteousness.

Not even considering in the least bit what if that opinion was of the minority and not of the majority. It doesn't add up.

Even if it was the opinion of the majority, it's still operating in the flow of righteousness. Leaving the judgment in your hands instead of leaving it to the ultimate and final judge....God.

Judgment and righteousness have gotten us here. We can't continue to say we love God and hate people and still call in love. Let's call it what it's fear.

which leads us to hate.

There is no in between. Let's call it what it is. What are you gonna do about your fear? Are you gonna let it continue to takeover your life?

If so, you will never know the fullness, the abundance, the wealth of possibilities of truly living in love. Not worldly love. Not scared love....God's love.

That one kind of magical love in which we all have inside of us. We were all born with it. We just cover and cover, over and over, day by day, it up.

We've become hoarders of judgment, righteousness, hate, strife, fear, etc. which overpowers the love. It's time to remove the things that are holding us back and come back to a place of love.

That is how you love people. That is how you display the very essence of God in your life.

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