How My Failures Birthed Love, Peace & Fulfillment in My Life
How My Failures Birthed Love, Peace & Fulfillment in My Life stories

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How My Failures Birthed Love, Peace & Fulfillment in My Life

Often we think failures are the end ..

We fear failure because we think it will destroy us..

but the truth is we need failure in order for us to go to the next level..

I was very much afraid of failure..

until I began to fail miserably and could no longer hide it anymore. Then, I began to accept the failure and understand that it was not my final destination.

I have the ability and the power of God living within me..

that I can tap into and re-build again and that’s exactly what I did. Let me explain to you the many ways I have failed and what I did to recover from it ..

Let me explain to you the many ways I have failed..

and what I did to recover from it in order to live a fulfilled life with purpose.

Failed @ Marriage..I failed at marriage. That’s it, I said

Because I did not know who I was as a woman and all the power within me, I did not do my best in my marriage which is resulting in divorce.

I did not set boundaries in my relationship

I allowed myself to be subjected to a man who did not honor me, love me and fulfill me. I got married for all the wrong reasons even though I loved him unconditionally.

All of these things resulted in me having a failed marriage

and it wasn’t until we decided to separate that I found out who I really was.So you see what appears to be bad can certainly turn out for the good.

Today, I acknowledge my faults..

and my role in the breakdown of the marriage and when the time comes for me to enter into a new relationship, I will do much better.

Failed @ Businesses..

I failed in business. I started a business back in 2010. I left my career as a Property Manager and I was so excited to step out on faith and open a new business.

I ran out and got a commercial building..

set up my online presence, purchased lots of inventory and it really felt like I was on the right track to success.

I was motivated and consistent..

but I had no written plan. I got pregnant with my son and instantly my desire and endurance stopped.Everything I once liked, I no longer liked while pregnant.

I became stagnant and lazy during the pregnancy..

and I basically gave up on my business. Yes, that’s how it went:( Shortly after, I ended my commercial lease, got very little business and closed shop.

Looking back on that failure, I learned so many things..

I learned how to delegate responsibility to others instead of trying to do everything myself. I learned how to source products internationally..

I learned that it takes a mentor in order to be successful..

so Yes what was once a failure, is now something that I am succeeding at in life. Therefore, I needed that failure (even though I didn’t know it at the time) in order to be where I am today.

Failed @Finances..I failed at finances a lot

We lost our home of 8 years back in 2012 because we were financially irresponsible. I had to sell my car to buy a cheaper car just to have enough to money to live and feed my kids.

I had bad credit because I didn’t have the money to pay cash

have the money to pay the bills. No excuses…it is what it is. I was ungrateful for the things I had because I was so busy worrying about what I didn’t have.

This all lead to a life of financial ruin.

he average person would hear this and say Oh my, that is really bad and it was but there is always a recovery when you do the work you need to do in order to go where you need to go ..

I was tired of failing..

I was desperate enough to do the work so I could have better circumstances in my life. I began to operate in the spiritual law of gratitude. I included the feeling of gratefulness in my life ..

I grew spiritually & learned from those who were successful

Things began to turn around..Then I began to implement these lessons in my life and my life has never been the same since. Recovery is possible!

I changed the limiting beliefs I implanted in my mind..

and started to change my thought process toward wealth and prosperity.

I AM a LIVING EXAMPLE of how failure has lead me to success

It was a necessary part of the process.

Failed @Motherhood ..

I realize in my more mature years that I did not instill wisdom and good character for my daughters in their formative years because I wasn’t even aware of them myself

As I see the way their lives are unfolding now,

I realize that if I was able to show and teach them certain tools, they could have avoided some of the consequences of my failures.

Sure, I took care of them and loved them..

but the discipline and lessons weren’t there and once again my failure births my successes so I will not give up on them.

As long as there is a listening ear..

I will continue to breathe my new life experiences in them, pray for them, believe in them because I know God is a restorer of all that was lost.

I was created to be a problem solver...

and I will be relentless in my approach with them.

Failed @Friendships

I used to think my friends were disposable and I’d treat them as such. I was not grateful for their time, care and attention. I called my female friends out of their names.

I disrespected them..

whenever I didn’t like something they did that pained me, I’d cut them off. As a result, I lost several friends that were very important to me.

It wasn’t until I decided to change my life..

God ended up restoring some old friendships after many, many years had passed.Because of forgiveness, we were able to recover and start anew.

I made a conscious choice to change my life..

I was ready to be happy and I started doing a lot of self work which led me to discovering a relationship with God and everything changed.

I missed my friend and was ready to swallow my pride. .

One particular college friend I’d lost because we fell out over an old business venture .we did not speak for about 5 years and lost touch. Years later, I ended up Googling her.

I was over it. I was ready to forgive.

I missed my friend and was ready to swallow my pride. I stumbled upon her non-profit business venture and found out we had similar missions.

She renewed her relationship with God too.

The past was forgotten and we moved on. Today, she is one of my very best friends and we think alike. We were meant to be in each other’s lives.

As you can see that failure turned into something amazing

One day, we will be on the stage together speaking and sharing our missions with many others….that’s something we are working on now.

Failed in School – College

I failed myself out of college. After a big college breakup and lack of motivation and direction for my life,I stopped going to class and chose to make money instead.

So I quit. That’s it, no excuses

but let me remind you of how God is a restorer. He birthed something so amazing inside of me that I can hardly explain.

I was taught by some of the most phenomenal leaders..

and saturated myself in their lessons. I began to apply them to my life. Today, I am a lifetime learner and teacher. My philosophy is STUDY, IMPLEMENT, PERFECT, THEN TEACH..

I apply this wisdom to my life daily and degreed or not..

I have the divine assignment to share the lessons I’ve learned in my life in order to change the world. There is no more fulfilling gift than this for me.

Failed @Jobs..

Several years ago when I was down on my luck.I couldn’t find a job, lost my home, no money and moved in with my brother and his family. I found a job that I hated but loved the people.

I was losing hope fast and couldn’t see the light at the end

Then after 6 months after working there, I got fired.How do you get fired from a job you hate? Easy, I hated the job. It was a blessing in disguise. I felt hopeless ..

a friend gave me the best advice I had ever received...

applied it to my life and still live by it today. It changed my entire world .

God took my mess and sent a messenger from a job I hated..

to lead me to send me a message that was a pivotal moment in my life. WOW GOD WOW. all of the failures I’ve endured always had a greater purpose in mind (even when I could not see it)

Today, I encourage you to stop worrying about your failures

they are needed to take you to the next level if you can be resilient and persistent in your recovery. - See more at:

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