How Ego can Hold You Back from Advancement in Your Life
How Ego can Hold You Back from Advancement in Your Life  stories

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How Ego can Hold You Back from Advancement in Your Life

by jamieenglishorg

Ego is destructive.

Ego is the barrier between you moving forward in your life or staying stagnant. Ego ends relationships. Ego ends friendships. Ego stands in the way of you advancing at your job. Ego starts wars.

Ego is just simply being prideful.

Ego is the unwillingness to be completely open with yourself about who you really are.Ego distracts us from fulfilling our true purpose.

Ego holds us back from truth.

Ego limits us from living a life of divine purpose. Ego allows you to live in a clouded bubble of untruth. Ego prevents us from having meaningful relationships.

Ego misinterprets good intentions

Ego stops us from being better people. Ego minimizes your influence with others. Ego prevents success in our lives. Ego limits our power. Ego is the difference between success and failure.

The ego can destroy any potential for growth.

It is important to do self reflection to make sure that you are not allowing your ego to get in the way of progression in your life.

How I Broke Free From The Sin of Ego?

Only and I say only very strongly….the love of Jesus could allow me to break free from allowing ego to take over my life.Now, it took a lot of work…sure it did.

Alot of tests and trials and lessons to be learned from them

But in the end, my strong desire and life’s mission to love like Jesus loves and forgive like Jesus forgives is the only way I could overcome ego.


Naturally you will make choices that are in alignment with Gods will for your life and you would not let your EGO stand in the way.

So today, I don’t have to be right.

I don’t have anything to prove. I don’t have anything to protect. I don’t have anything to hide. I no longer have anything to defend. Ego no longer lives in me.

Start Loving You More and Let the EGO be released from you..

The time is now to get back on track and start loving yourself again.

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