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Give everything!

by jamieenglishorg

After listening to one of my spiritual teachers, Neale Donald Walsch, I made a commitment to give everything. We are called to give everything.

What is everything? Everything that we are, give it freely to the world….to those you encounter daily. The things we are born with that don’t cost money.

Love – Give love

Love is freedom. Love is giving to one another without expecting anything in return. Love is abundant so there is much of it to give and it’s ever-flowing….it never runs out.

Love is serving….offering yourself to another. Love is grace. Love is unbound….free, fearless and unrestricted.

Ways to give love ~ You can give love by helping others solve problems. ~ Giving wise advice to someone in need. ~A smile to a stranger. ~ Money for food for the hungry.

~A hug to an unloved child. ~ Hope to the hopeless. ~Send out inspirational posts on social media daily ~ Hug someone who looks sad ~ Pay a bill for someone who is having a hardship

There are so many things we can do to show love. Your kindness can change a person's life. Your difference could inspire someone to have hope again. Your love can turn darkness into light.

Give Compassion

Compassion is the response to the suffering of others that motivates a desire to help.

Compassion is so essential for today. People are hurting and in pain. Your compassion for them can cause them to believe in humanity again.

Ways to give compassion ~ Pray for someone ~ Wish them love and peace in their lives ~ Forgive them for what they do not know

~ Do not judge them. In a world full of judgmental people, your lack of judgment can truly help someone feel better about themselves.

We have enough condemning spirits and your difference in not judging can truly change a life. ~ Never feel pity. They don’t need pity, just simple compassion. Pity isn’t necessary and won’t help

Give Communion

Communion is the sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings on spiritual level ~Make time for those who honor your time

~ Talk – such a simple please that holds much power can make a person feel loved. Talking between people is becoming more and more rare and your communion with others shows you truly care.

Offer Peace ~ Be harmony when someone encounters you. Never force your opinions and views on others. Their encounter with you should be and feel peaceful

~ Be a breath of fresh air ~ If you offer advice, make sure you only speak with wisdom. Wise words gives peace, eliminates confusion.

These few things help you to learn to give of yourself to others. The beauty of giving everything is you are giving from your heart but you get so much in return.

In fact, you get the things you give back in abundance. It’s the simple law of God. #berare

Who is Jamie English? I am a love mentor who will help you come back to a place of love, peace and fulfillment in your life. Get ready for a Life Coach experience… on steroids.

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