8 Steps to Overcoming Mediocrity…Get Your Life Girl
8 Steps to Overcoming Mediocrity…Get Your Life Girl  stories

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8 Steps to Overcoming Mediocrity…Get Your Life Girl

by jamieenglishorg

The willingness to go when you would rather stay.

Many years ago, I saw a vision that my family and I needed to move to Charlotte. I delayed that instruction for 2 years until I finally realized I needed to go..

I had to leave some peoplebehind who couldn’t see the vision

but I knew things could only get better. I moved and it was one of the best decisions I’d ever made. It was no pleasure in it. Suffering comes on the road to excellence .

Speak up when silence would be easier..

Silence is easy and sometimes necessary but when you see wrongdoing in front of your eyes and you do nothing, that speaks volumes. .

Take a look around our world..

and you’ll see the destruction and result of silence. This makes silence deadly because the result is more lives being taken....

but when you speak up in boldness and wisdom ...

..the enemy gets weaker. When we stand united together, the enemy no longer has any power. When you see wrong, you must address it.

Don’t ignore the problem. Solve it!

The truth will set you free. Expose the truth.

The truth is sexy. It’s invigorating! It’s necessary for a life of authenticity and fulfillment

When you live a lie, it multiplies & eventually takes over..

Sometimes the truth may hurt but you can endure it. The truth brings peace and healing to all who engage in it.

You must be willing to confront someone..

Weakness unaddressed flourishes. When you do not acknowledge, then work on our weaknesses, you will not grow as an individual.You will continue allowing your weakness to take over your life..

It’s time to make changes, acknowledge the truth...

The process takes time. be patient with yourself but learn to be consistent in the change and eventually, it will become natural to you.

You Must Release What You Would Rather Control.

It was once a challenge for me to release money because I was too worried about how I was going to survive.

As I looked at my situation and knew I wanted more wealth ..

and I saw that I didn’t obtain that yet.I knew I had to do something different in order to have something different

I had to release control and have faith

Now, all I want to do is give when I see a need.I had a similar experience with love. I had to release love to the unlovable and increase forgiveness in the unforgivable.

You will have to release even when you want to pursue

If you want to walk in excellence, many times you have to let go.

Be willing to reach out to others even if you fear rejection

Reach out for help. Reach out for forgiveness.

In my past, I had a huge sense of pride.

I didn’t want people to know how bad my marriage was. I didn’t want them to see how bad I was doing financially because I was ashamed of it. It wasn’t until I hit my rock bottom ..

I had no choice but to remove the mask and expose my truths

Everything inside me, didn’t want to but I knew I had to swallow the pride and just do it..

I reached out to a family member..

It didn’t take me convincing her, she just was willing and said Yes. I realized the pride no longer served me and I was ok with being revealed in truth. So when I need help, I ask for it.

Be swift to hear and slow to speak

Sometimes you have to stay silent. Learn to also be silent even when you want to explode and speak out

I know many of us fail in this area..

because we are so eager to get our own point across. Our pride and ego’s are way more important to us.

Learning to tame your tongue and have self-control..

is one of the most important lessons of today because it can literally protect your own life.

Submission is necessary

When many people hear the word submission, they may get offended…especially today’s women

We have been programmed to view submission...

as something negative instead of what it really is. Submission simply comes with a choice. A choice to serve. Submission is simply honor.

In Submission there are always rewards.

Another way to submit is, you may have to say I’m sorry when you weren’t the one who wronged so you are submitting to your ego and allowing peace to enter into the relationship ..

Final Thoughts

Mediocrity is dead….it’s time to operate in excellence. Why? You are more than what you portray. You have more power in you than you use.

You have adivine purpose that needs to be shown to the world

You can’t be these things when you continue to stay in mediocrity so I say…Get Your Life Girl. - See more at: http://www.jamieenglish.org/love-lessons/overcoming-mediocrity-get-your-life-girl/#st

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