I came to get hurt
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"I came to get hurt " Is what we'd say

I came to get hurt

"I came to get hurt "

Is what we'd say

I hope you did your worst because

I've never felt pain this way

You showed me your light then

Left me in the dark

Without intention, you left your mark

You said Scars can be beautiful and you taught flaws are unique but...

For the first time obedience stole my will to speak

I'll bleed on this page so the pain might subside but I'm refusing the end of this rollercoaster ride

You might not need me now,

But god knows I need you

You called me your muse

You didn't see? you're mine too.

Back to hiding behind my mask

I'm mourning the kindled kindred in my past

Keeping grounded is more strenuous now

The anchor is cut, I dive off the bow

Sinking slowly way past deep

You said "I promise." Talk is cheap.

My ambition is comatose

My inspiration is dead

Insomnia awoke and I just want to go to bed Jamie B. Muse

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