Technological Flesh Bags
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jamesisweird I invite you to read my mind
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A brain for a brain...

Technological Flesh Bags

My body once pumped full of energy and hope.

It was something I never thought I'd lose.

As I got older, I was introduced to the world.

Opinions on this, and hatred for that.

Slowly, I felt my skin rotting away.

I needed to replace it with something...


My brain melting through my eyes, I craved for more thoughts and opinions from others.

What's good and bad right now?

Who should I hate or love at this moment?

Who's in and who's out?

My flesh is almost entirely made of someone else's now.

And so is yours...

We stumble around craving the brains of lady media and the limbs of Mr right now.

Dragging our rotted selves in circles, scratching at our devices for the newest blood thirsty trends.

We're a world full of zombies, craving the mind of the next big thing.

We put ourselves through it while we have the cure to be human again.

But as we walk by the vial of our own resurrection, we continue to ignore and rip the flesh off our newest hot topic victim.

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